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Configure. Price. Quote.
Truth be told, estimates/quotations take copious amounts of time to assemble. Not anymore. OneDigiFlow helps you configure and generate estimates/quotations pronto with just a simple system in place. You don't need programs and personnel to do it even! You sure know how many times you have lost attention of your clients because it has taken you longer time than committed to assemble one in the first place. That tension be gone forever!
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Setup product SKUs with their cost, price, supplier and other relevant production information

Thomas Edison once quipped “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning." OneDigiFlow lets you set up product SKUs with their price, supplier and other relevant information. Now having all the important information literally and figuratively on your fingertips is no more an added advantage, it is a prerequisite to be at the top of the game. You know that. Don't you?
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Estimates - in a jiffy

OneDigiFlow lets you generate estimates with pre-defined product SKUs. You only have to make the necessary changes and voila! Heard the idiom greased lightning? Now experience it! 
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A perfect touch of professionalism

It is going to be hard to convince a customer with a quote on a blank piece of paper with the company name. With OneDigiFlow, you can customise the header, footer, and watermark to match your existing brand. A brand that puts in the effort is the one that customers would enjoy connecting with. With ODF, be the brand that stands out from the rest with your customisation capabilities.
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Communication made easy

As businesses you already have a lot to deal with on your plate. Why manually creating estimates and sending it across to your clients be part of it? OneDigiFlow not only lets you generate proper estimates, but also lets you preview and send it to your clients via email or WhatsApp in that very instant. 
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Connect the dots - estimates to deals

As a growing business, the amount of data and information would be huge and to make sense of it is hard. That is where we provide a helping hand, OneDigiFlow helps you map estimates with deals, log notes, comments, track activities, etc. And to top it all, you can do all this from your mobile. How cool is that?
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Power of choice, back to you

Getting all estimates on mail, comparing all the PDFs side by side, missing out on some points, switching between windows; it isn’t a pretty picture, is it? With OneDigiFlow, you can request a quote from multiple suppliers, compare the rates, freeze on the chosen one and convert it into an estimate with a single click and for the icing – do it from wherever. 
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What's more?

You can generate documents (a host of them!) and share with customers via email or WhatsApp. Saves you effort and time. 
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