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Close the deals and manage your daily operations.
Once you have closed the deal, it's time to deliver on the promise you made to your customer. Instantly create a project, task or job work depending on the nature of your business and quickly issue an invoice to get paid on time, every time.
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Project management and collaboration

The only way to make smart decisions is to measure. Our smart CRM provides you insights of all the deals, estimates, projects, tasks, job works and invoices on a monthly basis for each member in the team. It has everything for a sales rep to keep the team’s performance at its peak.
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Task assignment and tracking

Finding great team members is one thing but having them efficiently perform as a team is another feat by itself. OneDigiFlow makes assigning tasks to team members, a smooth and easy ride. That not only ensures optimum utilisation of resources at hand but also takes organising tasks to another level and effortless at the same time.
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Work order based assignment

OneDigiFlow lets you create job works and assign them to individual team members in case of work order based functions. Ever imagined what that can do to your efficiency as an enterprise?
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Estimate to invoice - An easy conversion

You not only get to make professional-looking estimates with a host of information on it in a jiffy, but you also get to convert it to invoice as soon as your customer approves the estimate. No retyping involved whatsoever! Click – Convert – Send! A ton of time saved. 
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