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Manage your sales effectively
OneDigiFlow not only helps you create estimates and invoices, but it also helps you identify bottlenecks, track the status of sales and work orders; effectively prioritise work and much more. All the functions are designed with the only purpose to help the business owner to grow bigger and better. “Growth without a streamlined process is a dangerous road”
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Visualise your sales funnel to efficiently manage your forecast

For a growing business, it is as important as to forecast business as it is to close deals. OneDigiFlow helps to predict the number of deals to be closed through logs, comments, statuses which aid a business owner to predict the magnitude of sales for the future and plan effectively.  
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Clear visualisation of targets achieved by each individual

A well-managed team with a proper vision can guide and aid itself. As a business owner, OneDigiFlow helps you to set targets for each of your team members and track them from mobile/web.  
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Manage your deals through various stages for prioritisation

OneDigiFlow helps you to effectively prioritise deals easily across the different stages so as to ensure that the users are able to decide which one to prioritise. 
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Tag your colleagues and provide a detailed update on activities

The UI and user management is designed to be ridiculously friendly. It helps you achieve the objective of conveying up-to-date information at any time. Tag your team members across deals for tracking, updates and ensure on-time closure of deals.
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Upload and create documents to share with your prospects 

The free cloud storage system helps you to upload and attach documents along with estimates and invoices for any additional information that is to be conveyed to the customers. 
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